Monday 14 July, 2014


Specializing in WWII Airplanes and Model Trains

OB's Diecast models are so real you can almost smell the the exhaust.

OB's Diecast Planes carries a wide verity of realistic die cast model airplanes, helicopters, jets, military trucks, trains and cars from WWI to the newest aircraft and military vehicles.

Each of our models are made from precision die cast metal molds, they come fully painted and assembled, ready for your display. These highly detailed and historically accurate die cast models are a great way for model enthusiasts to own their favorite aircraft, train, truck or car without requiring a big investment!

OB's Diecast model airplanes, trains, trucks and cars make great gifts for all model enthusiasts, like pilots,  military veterans and fans. Warplanes and historical aircraft like the P-51 Mustang or B-17 Flying Fortress are always a hit with Vets, our models recreate the full-sized aircraft in excellent detail in every part. Fans of more modern aircraft can find present day Jets like the F-14 or F/A-18.



Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
AA34111 BLACKBURN BUCCANEER S. MK.2 172 SCALE 11/07/2014
AA27401 GLOSTER MEYEOR FB RAF,1945 172 SCALE 11/07/2014
AC1004 F-4F Phantom II 1/72 Die Cast Model 37+03 of JG-71, 50th 10/24/2014
AF1-00112 SR-71A Blackbird "61-7972" Lt. Col Raymond E1990 172 10/10/2014
FA721013 Grumman F9F-5 Panther US Navy "Blue Angels" 1953 172 09/19/2014
PS89008 Russian Object 704 Heavy Tank Destroyer 1/72 Resin Model 09/19/2014
FA721012 Grumman F9F-5 Panther US Navy "Blue Angels" 1953 172 09/19/2014
AA36709 JUNKERS Ju 88 I/KG 77,ITALY,1942 172 SCALE 09/12/2014
AA38107 SOPWITH CAMEL F.1 Capt. M.B. FREW 1918 148 SCALE 09/12/2014